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Our Founders

Founded, taught, and managed by veterans of Welding, NDT, and Non-Profit industries. When we open our doors, our students can feel confident in our curriculum. Our school heavily emphasizes hiring teachers and administrators with long-term, real-world experience in the trades we teach.

Jeremy Fuller

President | Education Director

Mr. Fuller leads all operational and developmental activities for CSA. Such activities reflect a technology-driven approach to technical education, encompassing new program development and delivery methods, curriculum, and academic technologies. Additionally, he leads CSA’s burgeoning employee-partners initiative, in which partnerships holistically address specific employer talent gaps that improve students’ return on their educational investment.

Mr. Fuller’s access to the industrial community is beneficial in finding the best instructors for the DIRECT PATH educational experience. He is an advocate for hands-on training and safety code, and he works to merge the two as well as keep the curriculum up to date and relevant.
He has years of experience in engineering, building, fabrication, welding, inspections, and safety, all of which are an asset to the DIRECT PATH program.

Laree Fuller

V.P. of Administration | C.F.O.

Mrs. Fuller’s responsibilities include treasury, internal and external financial reporting, financial planning and analysis, financial operations, taxes, budgeting, and business development, including mergers and acquisitions. She is responsible for the finances across both non-profit donor relations (the AZ Community Foundation and the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)) and CSA education business lines. She is also responsible for ensuring continuous improvement to sustain operational excellence, as well as pursuing revenue diversification opportunities through investment or acquisition in other companies.

Mrs. Fuller has years of education and management experience. Her ambition to help others succeed will be noticed and felt throughout each student’s tenure. She has served in many charitable areas for most of her life and understands what it takes to drive an individual towards personal success. Her general manager experience puts her in a unique position to simultaneously understand the needs of the school and to adapt to the rising needs of the personnel and students.

Her background in education and finance allows Mrs. Fuller to keep prices as low as possible for each student while also improving the DIRECT PATH program, so each student can obtain the best personal educational experience for their money.

Our Staff

James A. Brown Jr.

NDT Program Director

James has worked in the Non Destructive Examination Industry for 15 years. Early on in his career, James began noticing a lack of NDT training programs that offer quality technician enrichment. James believes that the NDT career field, while little known, is an industry that offers great career potential and opportunities for advancement for dedicated candidates. Through his teaching, James strives to leverage his years of experience to bring quality education and training programs to the citizens of Arizona, and offer opportunities for individuals and companies nationwide to have access to quality technical training that satisfies and exceeds accepted industry standards.

Bringing close to 12 years of extensive knowledge and experience from the welding and fabrication trade, Kody’s years of knowledge and experience are backed by a welding, fabrication, and commercial diving technical diplomas. Additionally, Kody is also certified as a 6G and class C underwater welder. He brings 8 years of experience as a welder/fabricator working for Tesla and the US Navy. Following those endeavors, Kody moved on to the world of commercial diving and underwater welding to broaden his horizons. He owns his own mobile welding and fabrication company and serves big name clients like Olive Garden, Old Chicago, and Texas Longhorn Steakhouse. He’s currently working on a multiple year repair and fabrication contract with a large North American metal and electronic recycling company. Above all, Kody is most excited to see this next adventure with Code Steel Academies be just as successful, challenging and rewarding as his other endeavors.

Kody Christensen

Corporate Director of Welding Technologies

Meet Our Staff