Help code steel academies set the standard for vocational schools by becoming a donor.

Become a Donor

With your donations, you help Code Steel Academies provide affordable, quality education to military veterans, their families, and a wide range of underserved communities.

If you’re looking for a way to bring radical positive change in the lives of essential but under-served communities, there’s no better time to start than now. We pledge to use your donation to build a quality, affordable, not-for-profit trade school that emphasizes putting students to work quickly and with little to no debt. With your donation, we can begin building our school and make a difference in both local and national communities.

The trades we teach are the front lines of American innovation and infrastructure. Our energy will personify the students who come to us seeking knowledge and the needs of America and its many diverse communities. Your donation will make a substantial difference in the lives of many.

Ways to donate

While donations can come in many forms, this contribution method provides us with the most flexible means of bringing our school from the page into the real world. When you make a cash donation to us, you can feel confident that your contribution will be utilized in a manner consistent with our high standards, core values, and unwavering principles.
People familiar with welding and other industrial industries know that having the right tools for the job is critical to maintaining long-term success in their field. If you or someone you know has a connection to, or a surplus of, the many components needed to perform industrial welding, please let us know. When you donate these items to us, we pledge to work hard to get your donations from your doors to ours.
Code Steel Academies is currently in the process of locating a facility that can act as a resource center and student lounge. While we are making contact with many people in our industry’s pipeline, we are looking for the perfect combination of low cost and facility size to keep tuition costs low and give back as much of our profits as possible to our future students.
While it may take a lot of cash and heavy equipment to build a building, none of them could ever come together without welding rods, nails, or screws. We are currently seeking donations of school furniture, general office supplies, computers, and other equipment relevant to our future students and faculty.